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Kohtenkreuz (cross)


In the beginnings of the Kohte the most urgent problem was the suspension the same. According to the desires of Tusk the Kohte should be trip suited. That could be done however only, if the Kohte and the necessary accessories were to transport easily and be constructed simply.

The original stand, which Tusk had not become acquainted with the seeds in Lappland was for it to use. Except one pulls the animals on with a herd of annuitant from camp to camp and puts the load of the wood rack simply.

Who when and as invented the Kohtenkreuz, remains unfortunately in the darkness of the past hidden. Some speak of Ernst Voss, dadarish refer in its article “75 years Kohte” to a mail of Sadarji and with it to Dr. Eugen Baron von Massenbach (Massa) as a possible inventor of the Kohtenkreuzen from the numbers of the DPB (German scout federation)

However: The Kohtenkreuz is so simple and nevertheless so ingeniously that we cannot introduce ourselves today any longer that it had to be invented only once, in order to help the Kohte to their triumphant advance.